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William C. Altreuter

Monday, August 31, 2009

A and the rest went peach-picking, and the thought was that peaches would be nice with ribs, so I rubbed a rack down with Cajun spice and put it in the smoker. I melted some peach jam in a little white wine, and added the blueberry compote I had left over from breakfast, then I chopped a jalapeno and threw that in to bring some heat. When the ribs were done in the smoker I brushed the glaze on them (I smoked a salmon fillet for LCA-- the glaze worked nicely on that, too.)

When the peaches arrived they were mostly hard, but I put the nicest ones on the grill after peeling and halving them. I hit them with some spray vegetable oil, and sprinkled them with salt, and they worked out well. I sliced the grilled peaches, and made a relish with chopped tomato, red onion and another jalapeno, and it came together pretty nicely.

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