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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I really don't want to be second-guessing Frank Sedita all the time; the best thing would be for the Erie County District Attorney's Office to be an efficient, well-run shop, and all this drama is extremely counter-productive. I also don't really care much about Steve Pigeon. Probably Pigeon is no more honest than he needs to be, and certainly his notion of the role politics should play in a well-ordered society is different from mine. Is it so different that it encompasses criminal behavior? I couldn't tell you. Here's what I can tell you: firing a guy who has already been all over the front pages is a bad plan. If Mark Sacha is a burr under your saddle, have him try shoplifters in Cheektowaga for the remainder of his career. Also, don't make stuff up if a phone call is going to establish that you are making stuff up. Frank Clark and Steve Pigeon already denied that there was any sort of immunity deal. There was exactly zero chance that either was going to back off that story, so insisting on that story just looks bad.

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