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Friday, November 13, 2009

We've had the live album discussion here before, but the reissue of "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out" has me thinking about the subject again. As a pure consumer item this seems like a poor investment- "Midnight Rambler" is the only real standout track from the original album, I'd say. What is really intriguing here are the tracks from the opening acts, B.B. King and Ike and Tina Turner. Used to be that there'd be two or three opening acts at a rock concert, and although sometimes the openers were gawdawful, sometimes you got lucky and the opening act blew the headliners off the stage. I squandered a lot of money and a lot of time on Todd Rundgren shows once upon a time, for example, but I still recall being knocked out by Cheap Trick opening for Todd and Utopia at the Long Island Arena. I'd like to hear the stuff the other members of the Rolling Thunder Review played when I saw them at the Niagara Falls Convention Center, too.

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