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William C. Altreuter

Monday, December 21, 2009

At some point everyone is going to realize that football in Western New York has stopped being about the Bills, and is now about UB. We are edging closer to that moment with the announcement that Jeff Quinn, Cincinnati's interim coach will be the new Bulls coach following the departure of Turner Gill. The Bills are being publicly rebuffed, and I'd bet you a shiny new dime that they end up hiring Perry Fewell. No knock on Fewell-- coaching is only part of what the problem is.

Funny that this realization is dawning on me on the day Bill Greiner died. Over the years I had my share of disagreements with President Greiner, and although we never talked about his notion that UB should have a big-time football program, I always thought that it was a silly notion. I guess I have to chalk that up as one more time when I was wrong and he was right.

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