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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jack Newfield on Dylan, 1967. "W. H. Auden, Howard Nemerov, and Norman Podhoretz say they have never heard of Dylan. Critic and poet John Ciardi says Dylan knows nothing about poetry. Even Norman Mailer, existentialist fight manager and white hope of the over-30 generation, says, 'If Dylan is a poet, so is Cassius Clay.'"

It is probably not fair to Mailer, who said a lot of things, to dredge this up. Chances are that with the beneit of hindsight he'd recant and admit that both Ali and Zimmerman qualify.

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Dylan AND Mailer in the same post . . . if you had only mentioned Auden's famous hamburger recipe you would have hit the trifecta!

That X cracks me up.

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