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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There is apparently no shortage of potential candidates for NY Attorney General if Andrew Cuomo decides to run for governor. Kathleen Rice, the current Nassau County DA (and an alum of the Brooklyn DA's office; former state insurance superintendent Eric R. Dinallo; former assistant US Attorney John P. "Sean" Coffey; state assemblyman Richard Brodsky, state senator Eric Schneiderman; and deputy secretary for public safety and homeland security Denise O'Donnell (the only upstater on the list). I'd say that Denise is probably the one with the best resume, too-- former US attorney for the Western District of New York, a pretty similar gig to AG.

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Ah, well. There is no shortage of AGs for Massachusetts now , either.
I cringed as Jon Stewart did a major segment on the inept campaigning of Mrs. Coakley but really do wonder how she managed to loose that race. Was it her poor campaign as some said or dissatisfaction with the slowness of the Democrats to fulfill a liberal agenda as the ultra liberals said or the dissatisfaction with Obama that most pundits seem to think???
It seemed to me, reading the Globe for two days two weeks ago, and following the blogs, that there was some resentment over the sense of entitlement that Ms. Coakley brought to the race. Even Teddy had to bestir himself the last go-round, and I think the talk of its being "Teddy's seat" was poorly received.

It's not the catastrophe that a lot of people are suggesting, and it is far from any sort of sea change. It's an outlier, I think.

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