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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We are taking EGA to Missouri tomorrow; it figures to be a two day trip. Plotting it out, we reckoned that Terre Haute would be a reasonable place to stop over, so I went to the Terre Haute TribStar website to see if I could scout out an interesting place to eat. I'm not optimistic, I have to say. Instead of restaurant reviews the paper publishes a weekly listing of restaurant inspections, ("Container used to drain cabbage observed with food debris; Mold observed on chute in ice machine behind bar..."), and this week's featured recipe was introduced as follows: "When a friend of mine had cancer, I took her to get her treatments and got to talking to other patients and nurses. Of course, it always came around to recipes. This recipe came from one of the patients. She said it was easy to make." I love the air of resignation in that last sentence-- the writer hasn't tried making the sausage bread; what would be the point? It's like Rachel Ray meets Samuel Beckett.

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Now we know all we need to know about Terra Haute cuisine.
Shit! I spelled it wrong!

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