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William C. Altreuter

Saturday, April 03, 2010

The best bar in Terre Haute is a TGI Fridays. Even though that sounds pretty grim, the reality is that when a TGI Fridays has 32 taps and features mostly local brews, including several worthy IPAs that's a bar that can hold it's head up with pride. For some reason Indiana has quite a few good microbreweries, and all of them seem to produce good pale ales, and excellent IPAs. Recommended: Three Floyds Alpha King.

Serendipity was also responsible for our lunch the next day at Two Dudes Barbecue in Warrenton, MO , a roadside shack that nevertheless has a website. Everyone else had the pulled pork, but my personal code prohibits me from ordering what someone else is having, so I had the sliced brisket. Missouri is in the sauce zone, but is otherwise a divided state, barbecue-wise: in the east pork-- particularly ribs-- is the preferred protean, and in the west it's a beef jurisdiction, see, e.g., Kansas City's Arthur Bryant's. The pulled pork was fine, but the two dudes who run Two Dudes really understand how to smoke a brisket, and that's what I'd recommend. Good vinegar based slaw, too.

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