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Sunday, July 04, 2010

A lonely vuvuzela sounded at the FC Buffalo-Maryland match yesterday afternoon. There were three or four of the horns in the stands actually, but in a crowd of a couple hundred you don't get the same swarming effect you hear on tv.

That's not the only difference of course. It's a pleasant enough afternoon. I'd say the level of play is about what you'd see at a D-III game, nothing wrong with that. The crowd looks like a mix of Delaware Soccer kids with a parent, some player friends and (maybe) girlfriends, and the sort of people who will attend any sort of sporting event if it has 'Buffalo' in its name. Some of those guys are the guys with the vuvuzela's, a couple are banging on drums, chanting, and even trying to lead the crowd in song. In some sense this is sport in an ideal form: local, low stakes, nearly pure recreation. It reminded me of a Bemidji-Niagara hockey game.

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