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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Christopher Hitchens on the country of illness.

"The new land is quite welcoming in its way. Everybody smiles encouragingly and there appears to be absolutely no racism. A generally egalitarian spirit prevails, and those who run the place have obviously got where they are on merit and hard work. As against that, the humor is a touch feeble and repetitive, there seems to be almost no talk of sex, and the cuisine is the worst of any destination I have ever visited. The country has a language of its own --a lingua franca that manages to be both dull and difficult and that contains names like ondansetron, for anti-nausea medication -- as well as some unsettling gestures that require a bit of getting used to."

EGA is having her port removed today, the final totem from her visit to that place. And have I mentioned that she is getting married? A stay in another country, and then the journey continues.

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A couple of lovely milestones. Think I'll give her a call to join the celebration.

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