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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To the Show Me State last week, in particular Columbia and St. Louis, a city that was new to me. Some observations: Columbia is to Bloomington as Geneseo is to Northampton. I like all four, but there is more to like in some than in others. Lots of cities, including Buffalo, have phallic symbols as their central civic icon. It's nice that St. Louis went the other way with that.

St. Louis as a whole seems like a city with a surprising number of challenged neighborhoods. It looks like there was a fairly significant outward migration, and as a result there was a lot of highway construction, which chopped the city up into a number of discrete neighborhoods. Within a given neighborhood things seem lovely, but getting from one part to another is not a pretty experience.

Quite a bit of St. Louis looks to have been built at around the same time as much of Buffalo. There are a number of architectural similarities.

Went for a run in Forest Park, which I like a lot. It has a six mile loop around its perimeter that is terrific.

I've done the research, and I've done the fieldwork. The brewpub you are looking for is the Schlafly Taproom. The bistro you want is Franco.

I'd be interested to know why Missourians elide the names of their institutions of high learning. The University of Missouri is universally known as "Mizzou". St. Louis University is called "Slew". I don't know if Washington University has a diminutive, but on January 8, 2011 EGA will be getting married there, in Graham Chapel.

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Washington University in St. Louis is known locally as Wash U.
Instead of "Wash Me", which is what one draws with a finger on dirty cars.

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