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William C. Altreuter

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm not sure why I think it is interesting, but just for fun I looked up where the gubernatorial candidates went to school. Cuomo went to Archbishop Malloy, Fordham and Albany Law (Marists and Jesuits-- interesting. His father, a St. John's man, used to correct people who said he was Jesuitical by pointing out that he'd actually been trained by Vincentians.) Paladino went to Bishop Timon, St. Bonaventure (Franciscans) and Syracuse Law. Lazio is the only one with no Catholic schooling-- West Islip HS, Vassar (he was in the second class to graduate men) and American Law (the Washington College of Law at American University).

Lazio's path is the one I can't quite figure out. (Although it is peculiar to me that Andy didn't go to St. Johns, Fordham makes sense for a New York Catholic kid, and Albany was convenient to his day job as his dad's hatchet man. I wonder if he ever went.) West Islip HS was a mile away from where I went to school in a brand new building. And Vassar? You'd think a Vassar man would have done better in a debate with a Wellesley grad, instead of turning in a performance reminiscent of the Russians in Afghanistan.

As for Paladino, the Syracuse thing looks different from most resumes one sees around here, but not everybody gets into UB.

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