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William C. Altreuter

Friday, September 03, 2010

Mark Evanier makes a good point about Sarah Palin: "There's "running for president' the way people named Bush or Clinton run for president, which is because they think they have a good chance of winning and that's the goal. There's also 'running for president' the way it's been done by Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader and (I guess) Ron Paul and others, which is as a way to get attention and to perhaps attain other, lesser goals. None of those gents ever thought they'd win but they thought there was a value to being a candidate. Maybe it promoted their causes, maybe it promoted them, maybe there was even some money in it. So they 'ran.'

My hunch has been that when it comes to nut-cutting time Palin would find a reason to bail-- probably one that relates to her children. Now I'm not so sure. She's apparently still got enough juice in Alaska to get an incumbent senator from a political dynasty beat, and she's showing that she is a force to be dealt with elsewhere in the parts of America that I try to avoid. She's not apparently not building an organization, but her influence is undeniable. I wonder if there is some boon that she might be promised that would tempt her to throw her support to someone else. What could Huckabee, for example, offer? An appointment to the Court of St. James?

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