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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things I've been wondering about lately, but haven't bothered to properly research:

What was the last instrumental Top 40 hit? (Actually, a list of instrumental Top 40 hits would be an interesting thing to see. This list takes it out to 1979, but that doesn't answer my question.)

Is it true that there has never been a military victory brought about exclusively through strategic air power? (Robert Farley says it is; Japan in WWII and the 1999 Kosovo War are arguable exceptions.)

How do NASCAR teams work? I gather from Talladega Nights that there are different sponsors for each car, even on the same team, and you read that someone drives, e.g. "the number 24 Chevy". Does every driver have his own number? Is there a #24 Ford?

Actually, although I love watching it, I'm not sure how the Tour de France works either.

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