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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The big Rolling Stones single of the summer was Mick singing over an old Keef riff. Decent enough riff, I suppose, but no "Brown Sugar". Dylan has just released a boxed set of demos from 1962-64. The Great Lost Bruce Springsteen Album just dropped. I'd have been glad to have any of these back when they were new, but now, 20 or 30 or 40 years on, I think I'd like some new music, please. I consider myself a bit of a Dylanist, but I have no need for the Witmark demos-- this is ground that has been covered. "Plundered My Soul" assuming that there was a lyric back then, would have been the weakest track on "Exile". And the Springsteen? When "Darkness on the Edge of Town" was released I thought there was an argument to be made that it represented his best work. Now what I hear is the stiff, unimaginative drumming, something that has troubled me about Springsteen's material since "Born to Run". It is better than "Born in the USA", and leaner than "The River", but I doubt that it is the go-to Springsteen side for most people. I guess it is a coherent artistic statement, and it probably wouldn't have been if he'd included "Fire" or "Talk To Me", or something, but maybe I'd play it more now if that sort of stuff had been on it in the first place.

Who's playing the half time show at the Super Bowl this year?

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