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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christopher Hitchens is on again about Henry Kissinger.  Nothing he says is wrong, and I'd welcome the war crimes trial of the guy, but I'm caught up in a thought experiment: if one were to rank the greatest American monsters would Kissinger be worse than Dick Cheney?  We can't turn to Hitch for his opinion, but I think his defense of the Iraq invasion may be in the background of his decision to dredge up the Kissinger stuff at this late date.

And as long as we are reminiscing about the Bush Administration, this review of "Decision Points" by Eliot Weinberger, from the London Review of Books, is worth reading in its entirety, and is particularly notable for being the first time in ten years that I've seen someone acknowledge that it was obvious that Bush intended to topple Saddam Hussein from the moment he took office.

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