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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I remain vexed at the extension of the Bush tax rates, but there really is no denying that Obama has gotten a lot out of this Congress.  Health Care reform, the end of DADT, START, financial regulatory reform, the stimulus package-- these were each big lifts, and it is not like he had a lot of people lining up to help out by taking on some of the leadership. There's plenty that didn't happen too, of course: immigration reform would have been nice; and climate change legislation, but oddly enough it seems to me that where this administration is failing behind my expectations is in the areas where there are things that can be done within the executive branch. Close Gitmo.  Commit to the end of torture.  Commit to trying the Gitmo detainees in the US courts.

Oh well.  Maybe when he has to deal with a Republican House he'll turn his attentions in that direction.

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