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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Off to the Apple tomorrow, something I usually look forward to. This time I'm not so sure: it looks like a mess, and although I'll have a little time to poke around I'm not so sure that getting around is going to be all that easy. Most people in Buffalo would use this opportunity to talk about how well we deal with snow, but that's not completely true: what we do when our weather is like this is what Southerners do when their weather is intolerably hot. Both cultures just slow down. New York can't slow down, or maybe it just doesn't want to, and am not so sure I want it to either. I want to stop at J&R Records, and get a haircut and maybe stop at Niketown, and have a sandwich, and oh yeah, go to the meeting I'm going there for. I have a feeling that the meeting will be all I'll get to.

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