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Friday, January 21, 2011

UB Council President Jeremy Jacobs sent around an email blast updating the UB President search status:

"To date, the committee has reviewed the credentials of 69 candidates, representing a diverse national and international pool from a wide range of academic disciplines and professional experiences. The committee of the whole met with 10 candidates for a first round of intensive interviews, and subsequently met with more than half of those for a more protracted second round of small group interviews. Following extensive discussions with on- and off-list references, we are focusing our attention on a smaller group of candidates, each of whom offers superb qualifications for the presidency.

"All of these candidates have enjoyed distinguished academic careers, with some among the most preeminent scholars in their disciplinary fields. Our short list includes individuals who are serving or have served very successfully in administrative leadership roles such as provost, vice president for research, vice president for health sciences and dean-all at leading AAU institutions-and all with an impressive portfolio of administrative accomplishments."

That's impressively vague, but it sounds to me like they interviewed 10, had a second interview with six, and are now down to four. That's short-list territory-- don't they usually announce who's on the short list? In any event, it appears that they will be filling the position by the end of this semester. That's pretty quick work for this sort of thing.

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