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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Large black coffee, Old Fashioned Plain. $2.50. Sometimes I'll mix it up and have a Boston Cream, or a French Cruller. Very rarely I'll get the Sour Cream Glaze. It's always $2.50 though. Two bills, two coins. Sometimes five dimes. Simple. Not a lot of fumbling; I can tell by putting my hands in my pockets that I have exact change. It is perfect for the first transaction of the day.

This morning it was $2.64. Timmy's has raised its prices, and I can tell already that this is going to wreck havoc with my mornings. Now it's a three bills deal, unless I want to deal with two bills and counting out two quarters, a dime and four pennies. Or getting a penny in change. Or getting --arrrrghhhh!-- a nickel and four pennies.

I don't know about this. I like the Timmy's. It really is the best cup of coffee around; it is on the way to work; the level of interaction is friendly without being invasive. The line moves quickly. If I change my routine the options all have some critical flaw. Spot is out of the way. It is good coffee, but it has cooled unacceptably by the time I'm in the office. Also Spot means I'm having a scone, which, meh. Scones are mostly like sheetrock under the best of circumstances, unless you've baked them yourself, in which case you've been up for hours already and are no longer in the mood for scones, so why are you eating a scone? There's danish at Spot, but frankly it's lousy danish, so that's also a non-starter.

The Dunkin' Donuts spells 'doughnuts' wrong. Also the coffee isn't as good, and although it is actually about twenty steps closer to the office the line is slower. The Timmy's is in the lobby of an office building, and the people on the line are a slightly better looking group. The people in the Dunkin' Donuts smell like cigarettes, and look more beaten down by life. Also, the Dunkin' Donuts was always a more complicated change situation than the Timmy's.

Holly Farms coffee is the worst. It is the most convenient, but the coffee is horrible, and it comes in foam cups. Even though I pour my coffee into a mug as soon as I sit down at my desk, the styrofoam taste lingers, and it would be lousy coffee if it were served in a Limoges cup. Better range of pastry, but I think the Holly Farms is off the table.

Man, just when I was getting my routine in order. Damn.

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Agree 100% with your coffee choices, your assessment of the baked goods etc. It's Tim Horton's or nothing for me. Do you know they know have an Iphone App that helps you find the closest one - even those hidden ones ... like the wee one in the basement of Farber Hall at UB.
Here's a thought: get a reloadable Tim Horton's card. Then there is virtually no transaction.
I love the app, and I think this plan may be the solution. It means rearranging my wallet, and a reloadable card will feel like I'm spending $50 bucks for a cup of coffee once a month-- but for the rest of the month it will seem fast and free. Thanks, Liz!
Inflation. Another rise in the cost of gaoline at the pump. Even our little breakfast place after tennis on Saturdays has raised the price of their coffee by 10 cents. (I note, for the first time, there is no symbol for cents on this keyboard...another sign of inflation?).

As to your other commentators solution of "reloadable" cards, my thrifty soul rebels at the idea of buying a $50 card because I don't want to know I am spending $50 for coffee I can brew at home and carry with me for pennies. Ah, the little indulgences that trip us up.

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