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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

With the Super Bowl now behind us, and along with it, the meta-commentary about the commercials aired during the Super Bowl, I find myself wondering 'What ever happened to Alka Seltzer?' Time was that Alka Seltzer ads were the best things on TV, an integral part of the national sense of humor. What happened? Has the scourge of indigestion been eradicated?

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Best ad, for me, was Chevy Truck that kept pulling up to a frazzled couple's home to warn them that Timmy was down the well, eaten by a whale, etc.and speeding those people to the rescue.

As for indigestion ads, you obviously do not watch "old people news programs" which have moved on from simple indigestion to bladder and prostate control, HBP, COPD, and many, many formerly unmentionable problems from which we humans suffer.

The Super Bowl ads were mostly (for us old truth seekers), a refreshing change to simple encouragement of greed, ostentation and drunkenness.

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