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Friday, May 20, 2011

My CEPA "Visions of Greater Buffalo" entry.

I had a couple like this, actually, with several different buildings. I haven't seen a proof sheet so I don't know how the other shots came out, but there is an apartment building at the head of Cleveland Drive that I was hoping to get in the right light. The idea here, which is pretty Photography 101 I guess, was to capture the vertical feeling of the structure, sort of the way that the opening credits of "North by Northwest" work. The horizontal plane of the balconies and the windows contrast with the lampposts, which is what I was going for. I pass by this building twice a day and it always makes me happy- it is a somewhat anomalous structure for Buffalo, which is what I like about it. It was built long after the parade had passed the city by, but it has a kind of optimism. Its materials are different from the brick and sandstone of its neighbors, and have a modern feel. Its color is more Caribbean than Great Lakes. If you saw this building in Miami you'd shrug, but in Buffalo it stands out. This is one of several shots I took on a February afternoon when I went out for a run. The light was neutral, which may be why this ended up working.

It looks like several of the other photographers had more or less the same notion, which makes sense: we live in an urban area, and one of the defining qualities of US cities is the sense of vertical space. I tried some nature photography too, but it was February and I was trying to avoid photographs of snow-capped anything.

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Very nice picture. It's a building I've noticed and liked, too. Too bad it could not have been a sunny day but, from what I hear, there have been very few such days up your way in a long time.

Boston is entirely other than Buffalo in that, directly behind all the big hotels and buildings in Midtown are leafy, quiet streets that look graceful and expensive. Such streets certainly exist in Buffalo but not in the very city-city part.
Makes me dizzy to look at, and I mean that as a compliment.

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