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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yesterday was Chuck Berry's birthday, and I allowed it to pass without comment. Happy 85th Chuck! There are times when I question whether America has been worth it all, but then I remember cats like you. (There must be something about mid-October-- two days ago marked the 50th anniversaty of first meeting of Keith Richards and Mick Jagger.)

Last night, returning home from David Sedaris we were talking about who might be considered for our family's private Hall of Fame. Sedaris would be included, as would Bob Dylan, Wes Anderson, Norton Juster, Edward Eager, and Ira Glass. Chuck is on the list, of course. Miles, Monk. We got off track when it got to religious figures. I don't want any popes, but CLA says JPII goes on the list. I don't want any clerics at all, but A. wants this incarnation of the Dalai Lama. (If you have one Dalai Lama, don't you have to have them all?)

Outside Counsel has long maintained a list of Patron Saints, but although there is overlap the two are not co-extensive. Justice Holmes, Ambrose Bierce, and Robert Christgau are unlikely to make the larger family list. Neither will Murray Kempton or, sadly, Norman Mailer.

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If he can't be a Patron Saint, perhaps Mailer could be a Patron Sinner.
I'm sure he'd like that.

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