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Monday, July 09, 2012

The only bad Boilermaker is the Boilermaker you don't run.

Greens Morelli and Hats with the meat sauce for dinner. 13,000 starters. Seriously, every year I think it can't get more crowded, and every year it somehow manages to. Hot. This is the first  time I can recall feeling nauseous for the first mile, but I pretty much pulled it together after that. Saw a deer running on the golf course at around Mile 3. The top of the golf course hill is one of the best things I see every summer, and the downhill after that is as good a feeling as I know. The Utica Zoo made a good showing, but I wish they'd get another llama. Orange popsicle this year. Rounding the corner for the last mile, a band with, I'd guess, over a dozen drum kits, banging away-- big motivator, but I wonder where they rehearsed? Full pipe band at Hanna Park, right when I needed them.

Every year it's my favorite part of the summer.

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Currently training for City2Surf: try 80,000. At least it's still winter, even if that means something more akin to early spring elsewhere.
Nothing I've run in cracks the top five, but there are a few on this list (besides CIty2Surf) that are on my life list.
I've been in two, but the ones that most appeal to me in that list are lottery or qualifying-time entries, so I'm not likey to see my way into them.

My European vacation at Easter offered spectating at Paris and London, but that's as much as I think I'll be able to claim on that continent.
Dad and I had dinner the other night with a tennis friend and her husband. She runs, plays tennis and participated in an ocean swim triathilon just a few weeks ago. Came in third in her age group (45 to 50). She's a nurse administrator and you should hear her on health care. she says it's all about taking responsibility for your own health. Very interesting. Keep on competing, Keith Richards Athletic Club!

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