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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Usually losing Republican VP nominees fade back into the woodwork. Dan Quayle floated the idea of running for the top spot, but was laughed down; Jack Kemp's run was his last hurrah, and I assume that Dick Cheney is busily curating his art collection in his secret base in the extinct volcano.  There was that lady from Alaska-- what ever happened to her? Getting the Democrat nod for the #2 spot gets you taken more seriously. John Edwards, saints preserve us, would have been the favorite in any other year.

Usually Republicans go with the runner up the next cycle. Bush beat McCain, McCain beat Mittens-- they are Royalists at heart. It won't go that way next time, though. The Republican standing this time was Newt, wasn't he? That's not happening again. Paul Ryan isn't going to go away though. I wonder if he might make a run at it. If memory serves the last sitting Congressman to be elected President was James Garfield. My hunch is that Ryan will bide his time. He is young enough to wait a few cycles, and his House seat is about as safe as possible. He's never had a job outside of government, and although his family is well-off he doesn't have a personal fortune.

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