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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I like it when schools do things like this:

The 48 Good Films program is a companion to the 48 Good Books Project. Students are encouraged to read a book from the list and see a movie from the list each month during their undergraduate career.
"Faculty submitted film titles that are important to them and embody the mission and spirit of the five Undergraduate Academies: Civic Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Global Perspectives, Research Exploration and Sustainability."
Programs like this develop a feeling of community, and especially at a place like UB any step in that direction is valuable.

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I do a little better that I did with the books: half. There are few here that I care if I ever see, but few enough to make a point of it.
Civic Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Global Perspectives, Research Exploration and Sustainability aren't the themes I'd pick as the basis for a list of movies, but with that as the defining criteria I think the list works. You also have to remember that it is a list for undergraduates, and therefore has to be accessible for people who struggle with black and white. Subtitles? I wouldn't dare. It is reasonably international, and there are some solid documentaries.

Lists like this are useful because they remind me of things I've been meaning to get to. I hope UB students pick up on watching these-- and reading the books.

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