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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

For no good reason--seriously, no reason at all, honest-- I have often mused over where I'd hole up if I were forced to flee the jurisdiction. Of course, my thoughts on the subject are necessarily dependent upon the reason for my hypothetical departure-- as Edward Snowden is discovering it is one thing when the United States is the bad guy looking for you, and another thing altogether if it is, say, a robot from the future. Since we now know that the NSA reads everything (including, I guess, Outside Counsel) you'll find no clues in these pages, although the must-to-avoids referenced here would be poor places to start. Like David Byrne I feel as though some portion of my life has been spent trying to find a city to live in-- but I suppose in a pinch I could lay low in some crofter's cottage as well.
UPDATE: Pro tips.

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Back when "everybody" supported the Patriot Act, Greg and I mused that both of our e-mails, flying back and forth between such suspect countries as Australia and the US, was surely being spied on. This was especially true because we spent a lot of words on how much we hated the Bush Administration and all its Cheney inspired paranoia and that surely made us suspicious characters.

Now it turns out our Democrat President finds all that snooping just as handy as the other guys.
No President will ever cede power willingly, whether accrued by himself or by his predecessor. Nixon's crimes saw a great reduction in Presidential power, but each President since has sought to bring it all back and more. Congress doesn't really care: one of them might be President someday, after all, and it's their power that they gave up all too willingly anyway, which they'd rather not have anyone notice.
Actually, there was no diminution of Presidential power following Watergate-- quite the contrary. Congress has demonstrated a tropism towards increasing Presidential power, then standing back and whining about it. Congressional oversight is generally pretty lacking: you'll recall that, for example, 9/11 was investigated by a special commission, not by Congress.

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