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Friday, August 16, 2013

How many Todd Rundgren shows have I been too? Couple of dozen probably, before I said the hell with it. Last night he played the set I'd always wanted him to. I went thinking it would be ironic fun, and I left amazed at how good it was. In fact,  at first I couldn't believe it was actually as good as I was hearing. It was done completely straight, no smart-assery, and it sounded terrific. I was really surprised. The night before I went looking for my copy of Ra, the album that should have told me that I was being had, but I couldn't locate it so I played Utopia instead. (I got off the bus after Whoops, Wrong Planet.) "The Ikon" - wouldn't have been out of place on a Mahavishnu Orchestra album, although it would probably be one of the weaker cuts on a Mahavishnu side. At the time I thought it was the cat's ass, but it was always Todd the Philly soul crooner that I always liked best, and that was what was chiefly on display last night, along with a healthy sample of rockers from Something/Anything, and a fair amount that I was unfamiliar with, but which sounded great.

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