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William C. Altreuter

Sunday, September 01, 2013

I am conflicted about what to do about Byron Brown. On the one hand, his recent visit convinced me that he is quite a bit more intelligent than I'd previously thought. On the other hand, so what? My original thought was that he has had two terms to accomplish something, and I see very little that he can point  to as something that he has done. Buffalo seems to be turning some kind of corner, but my impression is that Mayor Brown has had very little to do with it. Has he been a better mayor than Tony "Mayor McCheese" Massielo? Well that's a pretty low bar.

I am inclined, I think, to go with Byron on the Devil You Know Theory. As with the NFL, a change means rebuilding, which means that little will be accomplished while the new guy learns the plays and gets his pieces lined up. In fairness to the present mayor a lot of the challenges around here arise from the core problem of old industrial cities: poverty. There are cranes building stuff all over town, and that may mean that we'll escape becoming the next Detroit.

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