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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, November 07, 2013

A while back, as part of the information campaign that we've been running about the prosecution of Lawrence Brose, Doug Ireland agreed to interview Lawrence-- and I sat in, to be sure that no attorney-client privilege was broached. My writing about this case has been exclusively based on information in the public record-- court filings, testimony and the statements and stories which have appeared in The Buffalo News, so I knew how far Lawrence could go. (It was two years ago-- we know more now, and it is all exculpatory.) Ireland was everything I could have asked one of my journalistic heroes to have been, raspy-voiced, caustic and outraged. The piece he produced was likewise. And now he is dead, which is sad. Everything that I do professionally-- lawyer, writer, teacher-- is really a way of trying to look at and think about things critically, and all my life it's been people like Doug Ireland who have shown me how to do that.

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