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Monday, November 25, 2013

To NoHo over the weekend to see LCA as the Emcee in Leading Ladies' production of Cabaret. She was quite good-- I don't personally think that acting is a difficult skill, but when I see her on the stage I realize that in fact there is apparently more to it than I suspect, because she is so obviously a commanding presence. It's not just me-- the response from the audience is telling. I could go on about the performance-- others were good as well-- but instead, two observations. First, an all female cast for Cabaret makes the show that much more pervy, and since that's kind of the point, the whole thing was pretty enjoyable. Second, an anecdote: LCA relates that they didn't need to rent costumes, because women at Smith all already own leather bustiers, garter belts and the like. It is, apparently, what one wears to parties-- for at least some Smith women.

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Attempt though I try, there is no doubt that pervy is a word that fits quite a bit of what goes with these bright,young women, trying on various personas very open to them at Smith. At my age I should be allowed to admit it makes me rather uncomfortable.

On an entirely different topic,, there is no doubt that Lillian is a gifted actor. Her stage presence is amazing. I wish I could have been there.

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