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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jinx: I'm hungry. Where's Bill?
Orng: Maybe he forgot us?
13: I'm hungry too. Orng, why don't you open one of those cans with your pitcher onit?
Orng: So you can eat all the wet food? I don't think so.
Jinx: Are there any kibbles left?
13: Nah, Orng ate all the kibbles.
Orng: Grrrr
Jinx: Hey, 13-- Let's send out for pizza!
13: Nah, I don't want pizza
Orng: Pizza's good....
Jinx: How about Chinese?
13: Brrrrr. No thanks
Orng: Let's send out for a mouse.
13: Now you're talkin' Orng!
(Bill enters)
Bill: Hi guys!
Cats: (Stare at Bill blankly)
Bill: Who wants wet food?
Orng: No thanks. We've ordered take-out.

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Do the Kittens also call you Your Majesty, or just Orng?

Coco calls us Your Majesty, and we refer to each other as Male Owner and Female Owner, e.g. "That's Male Owner's side of the bed; you have to be at the foot."
None of them call me Your Majesty, although they are supposed to. They call me Bill. "Hiya, Bill. Watch me shred this ottoman. Whadya bring us? Didja bring us anything? Whatcha reading? Are there pitchers of birds?"
Well, that is not the proper feudal spirit!
The kittens democratized the household.

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