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William C. Altreuter

Monday, December 09, 2013

Nominations for the Big Pink Hall of Fame close today, and Permanent Secretary Emily Smart will 
be posting the names of the candidates over the next several days at that site. In that connection Outside Counsel congratulates Joe Torre, Bobby Cox and Tony LaRussa on their induction to Cooperstown, and notes that Marvin Miller has again been snubbed, which is a disgrace.

Finally, because I think it is hilarious, a word on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The nominees for 2014 are a particularly good example of why the Rock Hall is the silliest thing since life preservers for ducks, but then again they are ridiculous every year. This year a bipartisan team of political consultants,  including the gurus who guided the campaigns of John Kerry and Rick Santorum have united to get Yes inducted. Man, the jokes just write themselves.

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Just waiting to hear from a certain Alaskan. We've got some great ones this year!

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