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William C. Altreuter

Friday, January 17, 2014

I've written in the past about my developing interest in Country music: in a lot of ways the form developed along parallel tracks from blues and rock and roll, although of course there has been substantial cross-fertilization along the way.When I replaced my phone recently I found that the bulk of the music on my old phone wasn't easily transferable to my new one, and that quite a bit of the music that did come over was stuff I'd downloaded from Any Major Dude With Half A Heart, particularly the History of Country series. I've found that the best way in to an unfamiliar art form is a trustworthy guide, and this series is beautifully curated. I mostly listen to music on shuffle, so six months ago there was a substantial amount of jazz in my mix which has now been replaced by fiddles and steel guitar, but this is suiting me fine at the moment. I used to think it was all cornball, but now I know that Dolly Parton deserves a Pulitzer Prize for her contributions to American culture.

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