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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I like everything about the PNC Park experience, except the sandwiches. Naturally I have been open to the experience-- when you live in Buffalo you learn to seek out local eats. Unfortunatly, the Primanti Brothers experience amounts to a bland carb bomb. The good news is that we saw a cool ballgame. Pittsburgh has been underachieving this season, and the evening's starter for the Bucs, Charlie Morton, was 0-6 going into the game (and had put together a string of 14 consecutive starts without a victory-- going back to September 2, 2013). Watching him it wasn't difficult to see why: he had good stuff, but wasn't aggressive. He came away with a 4-3 win, having pitched for 5.2 innings, giving up five hits, one earned run, and 4 walks wile posting 4 strikeouts.

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