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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

School Board results below. Patti Pierce and Larry Quinn were the hand-picked candidates of Carl Paladino, and were both endorsed by the Buffalo News. It seems odd to me that the most unpopular General Manger the Sabres have had in my memory proved to be the favorite of about half the voters. It also appears that what happened here was largely race driven. The African-American and Hispanic candidates seem to have split their support. That is less surprising. I'd like to see the district numbers.

The big story here is the turnout. 50,301 live votes, and about 2,300 absentee. As reported yesterday, Outside Counsel was 102 at our polling place; by 4:30 675 people had voted there.
Buffalo School Board (at-large)
Lawrence Quinn8,35116.6%
Patricia Bowers Pierce7,19614.3%
Barbara Nevergold6,80913.5%
Bernard Tolbert5,59511.1%
John Licata4,6869.3%
Samuel Davis3,9687.9%
Sergio Rodriguez3,1956.3%
Gizelle Stokes2,7665.5%
Ralph Hernandez2,5785.1%
Wendy Mistretta2,2114.4%
Stephon Wright1,1372.3%
Adrian Fitzgerald Harris1,0792.1%
Stephen Buccilli8431.7%
96 of 98 Precincts Reporting
Source: Buffalo News       

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