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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I don't always agree with Nat Hentoff's politics. He is too libertarian for my taste, except on reproductive choice-- I understand why he'd think he was being consistent there, but we disagree on personal autonomy in that context. Still, he has always been worth reading on politics, and I have never gone wrong listening to something he has recommended. Someone who contributed liner notes for Giant Steps and The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan is likely to be a guy whose advice on music is worth listening to, dig? It is rare to find an autodidact as well informed on constitutional issues as he is....

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I admire Mr. Hentoff, too and feel as he does about the problem of abortion and reproductive Rights. It sure ain't a simple black and white matter. Last Sunday there was an inserted flyer from the NCCB (National Conference of Catholic Bishops), in our Church Bulletin which stated a firmly Right to Life position.
Since Dad and I are both strongly backing Kay Hagan for US Senate and a man named Ernie Ward for NC Senate, this poses a threat to both of them. They are both outspoken about Women's Rights and reproductive rights but theirs are not our positions on these questions. Abortion does kill human babies and do not the fathers of these babies have some rights, too? This is just not an easy question. I have a couple of Catholic friends who have stated unequivocally that they vote strictly and solely on whether the candidate is "Right to Life" or not. I see a much broader spectrum of issues that any candidate on these levels will be challenged by. But this one could be our candidates' hope killers. The issue itself deserves much more soul searching than just the 2 sides' slogans, don't you think? The article does not mention if Mr. Hentoff has children.

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