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Monday, July 07, 2014

Among the things that I love about World Cup is that it is possible (actually, kind of essential) to enjoy and support the teams from nations apart from one's own. It's nice that the US is respectable, and I enjoyed the hell out of the USMNT this year, but expecting them to go past where they got is unrealistic, just as it is for the teams from pretty nearly every other country. World Cup play is just enjoyable, no matter who is on the pitch. For example, just about every European I know supports Brazil in addition to their own side,  because the Green and Gold play so beautifully. Those that don't often favor Argentina, and why not? There is always a spirited discussion to be had about who the best player in the world is; this year the last one in the tournament is wearing blue and white. Even though the Germans are Germans I love the way the Germans play, but the side I have been hoping to see go all the way is the Netherlands. The crafty Dutch have never won it all-- in fact, in common with the Buffalo Bills they hold the record for losing the most finals. Wouldn't a Final matching Brazil and the Netherlands be nifty?

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