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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Used to be that the delis in Penn Station would have big tubs filled with ice and tall cans of beer, including Ballantine Pale Ale. I can't recall how much they were-- $2 bucks maybe?-- but you'd grab a can out of the tub, and hand the guy your beer and your money. He'd drop the can into a paper bag, and you'd hustle off to catch your train. You barely had to break your stride as you moved from the A train to the LIRR platform, and when you got on the train, out of the steambath of Penn Station you'd crack open your book, and pop open your icy cold Ballantine and your day was instantly improved. It was a lot hoppier than anything else I can recall back then, and delicious. I wonder if it will still seem that way? I will certainly be open to trying.

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