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William C. Altreuter

Friday, October 03, 2014

The Erie County Bar Bulletin has published my piece, "Just Look At It" in this month's edition. Regular Outside Counsel readers may recognize this as a piece which ran here, in slightly altered form, a little over a year ago. Close readers will note that in its original form some of the language was a little saltier. I felt like that was an important quality-- really what I was trying to comment on was less about the ubiquity of video, and the interpretation of video evidence, and more about the realities and frustrations we encounter in the day-to-day practice of our glamor profession. I shopped the piece a fair bit, but didn't get a nibble until I got to the ECBB, so by that time I was prepared to accept any changes anyone wanted to make-- we aren't talking about Rinehart & Company's attempted suppression of The Deer Park here. Still, I was taken aback when my editor told me they couldn't print my mild swearing because, "We're a family publication." I suppose there may be families that sit around the breakfast table and read the Erie County Bar Bulletin, but it's hard to picture. It is also hard to imagine that any such family would balk at words like "goddamn" or "bullshit". Indeed, it seems more probable to me that Sunday brunch in such a family would more closely resemble a meal with Lenny Bruce than it would dinner with the Archbishop.

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