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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sometimes I wonder just how many lies Americans can believe about themselves, and when I do I am never happy with the answer I come up with. Frankly, the Senate's report about CIA torture is not even the worst of it-- it sounds to me as though the Senate Intelligence Committee is scapegoating the Agency in order to give both Congress and the White House a little room. And another thing: for whom exactly is all this news? The United States tortured people-- I've know that for years. Torture did not yield useful information-- well, of course it didn't. Torture has detrimentally affected the perception of the United States abroad.   The perception! Godddamnit, the United States is a country with a policy of torture. That's not a perception, that's a reality. That's a reality just like the reality of our criminal justice system being so caught up in its own wonderfulness that it can't see the institutional racism which has compromised it since Reconstruction.

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