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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bernie Sanders is polling pretty much where all the lunatics who are running for the Republican nomination are polling, but all of Sanders' coverage talks about how he is a long shot, or a dark horse. I suppose that's true, even though none of the coverage of Marco Rubino, or Ted Cruz or Rick Santorum or Mike Huckabee or Chris Christie or George Pataki or Rand Paul dwells on how absurd their nomination would be. (Jeb Bush gets a pass on this- presumably because however horrible to contemplate a third Bush candidacy is, he is nevertheless as plausible a candidate as the rest of his family was.) Me? I'm voting for Bernie. As a responsible liberal and a proud son of the City of Homes and Churches myself I see it as my duty to vote for the most progressive candidate on the board. I'll get around to voting for Hillary "Scoop Jackson in a Skirt" Clinton when the time comes, but for now, I find Sanders' brand the most appealing.

In the meanwhile, wouldn't it be refreshing if political coverage told us more about what everyone proposes to do, and what the effects of their proposals might look like? All of the Republicans, for example, steadfastly duck when asked about how the US should be dealing with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria-- a situation, it should be noted, that arose because the last Republican President decided that breaking Iraq would be a swell idea. Or, hey, since they all want the ACA repealed what do they propose to do about healthcare going forward? Climate change-- let's see a show of hands about what we need to do there? (My thought? Start spending some coin on infrastructure, because it's going to start getting wet.)

As is his habit, Charley Pierce nails it:
There is nothing extreme about wanting to stop the country's headlong rush to oligarchy, or about wanting to reverse Citizens United, or, if we take the entire world as our context, about wanting to provide free college tuition. Those stoners who run the Symbionese Liberation Republic of Germany adopted that policy over a year ago.

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