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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

I was over in court reading subpoenaed records dressed in an open collared button-down and a windbreaker.  When I came out of The Hall, the Attorney General was giving a presser, surrounded by people holding signs.

He is against corruption.

So I pulled out my notebook, took some pics, wrote a tweet, and stood there in the spitting wind, and when it was done I asked him a question.

I wanted to ask him why he kept saying that he'd introduced a reform package in the Legislature when he is a member of neither body, but that would have merely being a pendant. His proposals are good to excellent. So instead I asked, "Would we be correct when we assume that you have not found a sponsor in the Senate?"  He answered the way you'd expect, competently. They are talking to people over in the Senate. I expect that Cuomo is good with the proposals, but unless the Senate is going along nobody is going anywhere, and the rest more wind than the one that was flapping my trouser cuffs.

I think he is legit, but this felt rather contrived. I suppose it is true that this is an unusual moment, and that there may be greater than usual public concern about corruption than the usual sort of background usual-- but maybe something will happen. Inside baseball: Somebody asked him why the DA wasn't there. He said, "I don't know where Frank is," and wouldn't it be pretty if the nuance in that got around?

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