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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

After some deliberation I reckoned that the Apple Music family package was a pretty good value-- $15 bucks a month for five people to access more or less infinite music is a good deal, sort of. I spent the summer trying it out, and I liked being able to access things that I hadn't put on my phone whenever the fancy struck.

There are, I am finding, limits to the service. A lot of esoterica-- things that appear on tribute albums or other compilations, for example, don't show up. The service claims that it can make playlists, but the playlists that it makes tend to be about what you'd expect from a robot. For instance, last week I was at the Fontainbleau in Miami Beach. Naturally I wanted to hear Steely Dan's "Dr. Wu", and other songs about being smacked out in South Beach. It did not have Neil Young's "Fontainbleau", and the Dr. Wu playlist it came up with was really just a lot of 70's Yacht Rock-- not at all what I wanted for the Miami Noir in my head. I related this sad story to EGC, who replied: "Have you tried the "deep cuts"? It's pretty amusing - apparently Apple's idea of a deep cut of Elvis Costello is "Welcome to the Working Week" - you know, side one track one of My Aim Is True."

This is on beyond a First World Problem-- this is an issue that only an employee of Championship Vinyl would complain about.

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