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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This is Five Thirty Eight's electoral map for today. Yesterday had Arizona a bit bluer, and that makes sense to me: Mormons vote, and they are not going to vote for Trump. I feel pretty good about Georgia, too. Atlanta is the capital of Black America, and turnout there is liable to be strong for HRC. It seems to me that the Democratic strategy going forward should be to force Trump to play defense in places like Missouri and Indiana (former EGC states!).

Interestingly, to date the Trump campaign has spent Zero ($0) Dollars on television advertising. I suppose message control is not so important when your message is out of control, but it is notable-- a data point on an election season that saw the guy who ran on a platform emphasizing the corrupting power of money out fund-raise the mainstream candidate. A "self-funding" "billionaire" isn't all that odd, so why would we be surprised that he isn't spending money?

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Donald contradicts himself too quickly to do TV ads. By the time they were aired, he'd have changed his position 3 or 4 times already. He'd have to denounce himself as a liar, then encourage his supporters to kill him.
What a lovely, Network-y ending that would be. I mean, horrible day. What a horrible day that would be.

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