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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I wonder if there are enough Senate Republicans with the spine to trip up some of Trump's Cabinet nominees. I wouldn't have guessed Marco Rubio, and frankly the mere fact that they all knuckled under during the campaign isn't encouraging. The last time it happened was John Tower in 1989, which was made even more remarkable because Tower was himself a senator. (Fun story: in the Senate office buildings three rings signal that a senator is summoning a car. A friend was on an elevator once when Tower strutted on (he was kind of a little fellow) in full Stetson and boots when the call rang three times. The operator turned to Tower and said, "Hold onto your hat, cowboy, there's a Senator on the line." As the story goes the operator was never seen again.) Tower was a nasty piece of work, but since when is that disqualifying?

UPDATE 1/23/17  What was I thinking? Of course Marco Rubio buckled under, just like John McCain (did you know he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam?) and Lindsey Graham. Barry Goldwater published a book called The Conscience of a Conservative, but who was he kidding? Conservatives don't have consciences-- it would get in the way of too many cool things they want to do.

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