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William C. Altreuter

Friday, January 20, 2017

Wayne Barrett, dead. It's funny how the old Village Voice shaped my perspective-- Barrett was unsparing, and I'm glad I found him as early in my life as I did

UPDATE 1/25/2017 I remember reading this Barrett piece about Trump's proposed West Side development project back in the day-- I think a lot of New Yorkers were familiar with him from those days, and knew him to be a gonif. That's why we were so surprised that so many hicks, rubes and marks bought into his shtick.
While Koch and his aides talked the plan out, Donald kept the pressure on, leaning on the mayor by phone. “You’ve got to make a decision,” he told Koch. “I can taste the deal in my mouth. Today. Today.” The mayor dismissed the call as Trump chutzpah. “He becomes so overbearing that people capitulate,” Koch said. 

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