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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, April 06, 2017

I respect Bob Dylan's excursion into the Great American Songbook, and even derive a mild pleasure from both Shadows in the Night and Fallen Angels but although I know I am going to buy a copy of Triplicate I can't say that I am rushing out to do so. Ol' Bob's affection for these songs is genuine, and I love them too. Anyone who has listened to Theme Time Radio understands that Dylan's roots in this music are as deep as his roots in American culture generally, which is why, truth to tell, Dylan himself-- a self-creation if there ever was one-- is a profoundly important contributor to that culture. Three albums worth of it might seem like a lot, but it must have seemed important to him to explore this territory thoroughly, and who am I to dismiss this effort. I guess the best way in for me will be to listen to the first two albums in the cycle, then delve back into the canon.

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