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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, June 29, 2017

"To stay still would be a lie, and Bob Dylan on stage does not lie."

True enough. Of course, in interviews Bob Dylan lies like ringing a bell, but that's because he doesn't want to explain-- he wants us to listen.
Bob Dylan recognized, relatively early on in his career, that unless an artist takes an active stance to defend his or her right to evolve, investigate, and make music true to their own heart and memories, an artist becomes a reflection of their audience—not a reflection of themselves. Bob Dylan has never been interested in your idea of Bob Dylan; he is interested in his idea of Bob Dylan.
Exactly. Bob Dylan is Bob Dylan's greatest invention, and he knows it. He is fine with letting us in on this, but his lived reality is never going to be the same as the reality we may try to project on him.

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