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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Harvard is moving to ban frats and sororities. Good. My undergraduate college did not allow national Greek organizations, but there were local frats and sororities. For the most part these were off-campus housing options with different sorts of partying preferences. I was gently recruited to one my junior year because, mostly, it got around that I had a bank of pretty good research papers that they wanted to use as a foundation for their own fledgling term paper bank. I politely declined, but would occasionally socialize with them. I wasn't much of a joiner, I guess, and I was uncomfortable with losing control of my intellectual property. I still have the work, and will donate it to Geneseo upon my demise. Sorry, Geneseo. I know you'd rather have money.

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I know a ton of successful people who came out of frats, hopefully they don't ban, maybe just put on more regulations and standards that they need to abide by
They are a big problem in the campus. They act like gang members and havoc terror on those who step in their way. When one of them is hurt due to hazing, They scatter faster than chicks on the run. They promote gang mentality which has no place in the university.

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